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Technical Support Survey

1. How well did you feel our engineer understood what you were saying?

  • Extremely well0%
  • Quite well0%
  • Moderately well0%
  • Slightly well0%
  • Not at all well0%

2. Would you say that our engineer solved your problem or answered your question quickly, slowly, or neither?

  • Extremely quickly0%
  • Quite quickly0%
  • Somewhat quickly0%
  • Neither quickly nor slowly0%
  • Somewhat slowly0%
  • Quite slowly0%
  • Extremely slowly0%

3. How many times did you contact support before your question or issue was resolved?

  • Once0%
  • Twice0%
  • Three times0%
  • More than three times0%
  • Not yet resolved0%

4. How long did it take to get your question or issue resolved?

  • The same day0%
  • More than 30 minutes on the same day0%
  • Less than 30 minutes0%
  • 2 days0%
  • More than one week0%
  • Not yet resolved0%

5. Which of the following traits, if any, apply to your experience when you contacted our engineer?

  • Had great knowledge0%
  • Easy to communicate0%
  • Resolved most of my questions/problems0%
  • No Problems Experienced0%
  • Lacked the Relevant Knowledge0%
  • Had to Repeat Myself Multiple Times0%
  • Had to Confer with Other Colleagues0%
  • Other (please specify):0%