Wi-Fi Site Surveys

In today’s world of an every increasing demand for speed, reliability  and coverage, Wifi Spectrum analysis is crucial to a growing business.



In-depth testing of access point configurations and metrics to identify common issues such as coverage holes, co-channel interference, non-Wi-Fi interference, over-capacity, high channel utilization, and malfunctioning equipment.


One site survey walk-through is enough to collect it all: Active survey (end-to-end or throughput), passive survey, and spectrum survey information


Wi-Fi works over public frequencies, which makes it vulnerable to interference from other devices sharing the same spectrum.

Post Reporting

Easy-to-interpret reports for your entire Wi-Fi project designed around your specific project needs


Automatic and accurate AP placement & channel assignment based on coverage and capacity requirements as well as surroundings including rogue and neighboring APs

Network Expansion

Increased Productivity

Eliminate Downtime

Company Growth